Welcome to my blog.

Let’s begin by introducing myself, my name is Stephanie and next to me is my wonderful fiancé Vincent.

PGGF7201 (1)

San Francisco Bridge on our National road trip October,2017

I’ll give everyone a quick rundown of how we began or journey together. We met in August of 2016, at a local pub in his home town. We went to the same highschool my freshman and sophomore year, but never had physically spoken to each other but knew of one another. Which could of been the reason he was approachable that fateful night when we exchanged numbers and started going on dates. Several months later around New Year’s I was invited to come meet his whole family. That’s when the famous story line of mine “So am your girlfriend or what” came into play. Obviously he was caught off guard but relpied with a “yes” and since then we’ve been together. I have a lot of ground to cover since we started dating and adventuring together. I’ve wanted to make a blog for quite some time about our relationship and some amazing places we’ve visited, so sit tight and enjoy our story. 🙂

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. –
Antoine de Saint